You think brand strategies always work on common sense? You may wanna think again! A classic example of a radical branding instance was when Coca-Cola took over the beverages division of the Indian agro conglomerate PARLE in 1993.

GOLD SPOT was the face of PARLE Agro’s beverages division in the early 90’s. It commanded a cult following among the youth to the extent that some called it “Christ’s second coming in orange soda” and there is a Los Angeles band named GOLDSPOT to honour the legendry orange soda. So what made Coca-Cola replace GOLDSPOT with Fanta? Was it really a blunder?                              



Now, if you are the Brand Manager at Coca-Cola India Ltd. and you are given the task of reviving the brand GOLDSPOT in India, how would you re-introduce ‘The Zing Thing’ to today’s generation?

Participating teams need to send in a report covering following aspects:

  • Come up with a re-branding strategy for GOLDSPOT not exceeding 500 words  
  • Come up with a Print Ad of size  210*297 mm 


 Submission Rules:

  • Write up must be submitted as a .PDF file
  • Print Ad must be submitted as a  .JPG file
  • All the submissions have to be sent to
  • Subject line: Teamname_GoldSpot
  • Filename: Teamname_GoldSpot.pdf, Teamname_GoldSpot.Jpg
  • Only one entry per team will be accepted
  • Submission deadline: 10th September 2010, 23:59 hrs.
  • All teams are expected to be as creative and innovative as possible in terms of their approach