General Rules:

  • Max team size : 3
  • All registered teams, by default, are eligible to participate in all the contests initiated by the MAD Angles
  • Teams once registered can neither change the team name nor its members until the trimester end
  • All the teams will be evaluated on a scale of 7, and the team with the highest cumulative score will be declared winner at the term end
  • A team may pull out of any contest at any given time attracting a NULL score, as long as their entry is not submitted
  • In case the team splits before the term end, such team is dissolved and its cumulative score is reset to ZERO
  • At the beginning of a new term you are allowed to retain the same name and composition or change either or both of them at your discretion
  • The points earned by all the teams will be reset to ZERO at the beginning of a new term
  • Decision of the Jury will be final and binding (the names of the Jury members will be declared by Friday, this week)


Submission Rules:

  • You are free to choose any format of submission out of: .DOC, .PDF, .PPT, .JPG, Flash File, Video Files as per you convenience, unless specified for any particular contest
  • All teams are encouraged to be as creative and innovative in terms of their approach and submission, as possible
  • All the submissions(except the videos) have to be sent to
  • For the videos, you need to upload them on and send us the link at the afore-mentioned email id
  • The top 3 submissions will be published on
  • Only one entry per team will be accepted