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GoldSpot Re-launch –

Bringing the Zing back We are re-launching the brand and NOT re-branding it. We want our TG to have the same image of the brand that they had before it was discontinued. We define “brand” as the recognition and personal connection that forms in the hearts and minds of our TG through their accumulated experience with our brand.
Target Group:
Soda Drinkers in the age group of 30 years and above – People who remember GoldSpot from their young days –

NostalgicS (Word coined by us for easy understanding). We are focusing on urban Indians. Understanding the NostalgicS:

We focus on a generation that was discovering new crazes at the time and are now over 30’s but still have that crazy edge.


Benefit for the NostalgicS:

Orange Drink that reminds TG of their youthful days and associates with the fads and the craze of that time.



We want to position GoldSpot as a drink that was out of sight for many years but never out of mind. We want our TG to remember the good old days they had while drinking the Soda. The TG must think that even in the last 15 years there was nothing that could match/replace the Zing of GoldSpot.



Phir Zing Karega India and Nothing beats the original Zing!! Product
The 200 ml bottle will be exactly the same as it was before GoldSpot was discontinued. The Logo will also remain the same but take in the colours of Coke (Red and White).

Advertising Strategy:
Start with Teasers of the old jingle (

Crazy about ad Campaign) on Radio City across all cities. Just play the initial few lines and ask people to guess. The time slot will be chosen based on when the TG mostly listen to radio. We hope to create a buzz about the drink through the teasers. There would be tokens to be won like: Old GoldSpot crowns with the Jungle Book collection (Collector’s item). Television:
The idea is to transport the TG back to their youthful days. The campaign will feature a man (Late 30’s) enjoying the Soda all alone and laughing to himself with every sip as it reminds him of funny and exciting events from his childhood to his youthful days.

Promotion: Social Media –

Remember the Zing times Blog about your GoldSpotting Days – This would be highlight of the entire campaign. The main focus of the promotion strategy would be bringing the NostalgicS on a common platform so that they can share their thoughts about GoldSpot. The idea is to create the same cult status that GoldSpot enjoyed before it was discontinued. The GoldSpot Club – This will act as a friend finder for people over 30’s (Assumption: TG does not use FB). People would have to enter their details from their past like school, College and locality. This will help them find their friends from their young days. NOTE:
The pricing and distribution strategy would be as followed by Coca- cola for its other product lines.

For GoldSpot this will work as an effective strategy to emphasis the fact that they are about bringing the good old days back and make people remember the Craziness from the past.





Gold Spot To Re-launch Goldspot in the Indian market Target Segment:

Youth Segment (18 – 35 years)


The New Goldspot will be launched in 3 different flavours – Classic Orange, Sweet Lime & Green Apple. All are low calorie versions with low caffeine content. The new Gold spot shall be sold in cans of 330ml and bottles of 200ml. 600ml / 1000 ml/2000ml plastic bottles shall be introduced from 4

th week.


The product will be available in all retail outlets, malls, restaurants, pubs and discos. Top Gyms in Tier 1 & 2 Cities across India will also be approached for stocking this product.


The 300ml can will be sold at Rs.20, the 200ml bottle at Rs.10, the 600ml pet-bottle at Rs.23 and the 1000ml pet-bottle at Rs.33. The 2L bottle will be sold at Rs.55.


Tie up with George Lucas for rights to use the Indiana Jones Brand name for promotions. Indiana Jones is ageless and this will be the central theme of Goldspot. Goldspot will be launched as a timeless drink. Print & TV ads will be launched all over India with exciting promo offers.


“Catch your can! “

“Remember the times with Goldspot”

Promo Campaigns:

Lottery contest under bottle caps with grand prize for a visit to Disneyland’s real time adventure zone – Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye.